KPC Operating

2009 2007    


1. Participation in the international sport workshops and conferences for the disabled

  • Attending international conferences such as IPC General Assembly
  • Attending international workshop such as VISTA
  • Vancouver winter Paralympic games Chef de Mission Seminar

2. Building up relationships with key nations and sports exchange

  • Sports exchange by inviting key NPCs
  • Sports exchange by visiting key NPCs
  • Exchange of sports with advanced countries and international organizations

3. Reinforcement and expansion of the Korean reputations to the international sports organizations

  • Supporting participation in the IPC governing boards??election
  • Advanced preparation of APC?s president election
  • Sponsor other international organizations??election

4. Training diplomatic talents in the international disabled sports field

  • Diplomatic human resources training academy
  • Academy for training diplomatic human resources in the international organizations
  • Educational support learning advanced foreign languages in overseas
  • Management of data of international sports organizations

5. 2014 Incheon Asian Para Games

  • Producing basic documents
  • Advanced preparations to form an organizing committee
  • Preparations for site inspection visit from APC

6. Service and support for sports organizations of cities and sports

  • Support to host the APC international sports competitions
  • Support to participate in the international sports conferences

7. Reinforcement of the ?KPC??brand value

  • Inviting international sports organizations??office workers to Korea
  • Providing winter sports experiences
  • Invitation of the famous foreign coaches to Korea
  • Invitation of foreign celebrities to the opening of Icheon sports complex for the disabled

8. Others

  • Producing promotional materials of the KPC
  • Research and development of sports diplomatic policies
  • Payment of the international sports organizations??annual membership fees


1. Supporting activities of KPC sports exchange

  • Friendly relations with NPCs in Asia by inviting to Korea
  • Supporting the participation of APC athletes??council?s conferences

2. Hosting the international workshops and seminars

  • Workshops for the common development of the East Asia sports for the disabled
  • 2010-2020 International sports policies seminar for the disabled
  • - IPC/APC/KPC Women in sport leadership summit

3. Hosting of the KPC/standing committees??conference

  • Management of the KPC
  • Management of the KPC standing committees
  • Management of the KPC?s 4 IOSD councils in Korea
  • Hosting KPC joint workshop

4. Research on the schemes to enhance the national sports diplomatic relations for people with a disability

5. Building up the foundation of KPC?s information management system and promotional activities


1. Participation in the IPC?s internship program

2. Allocation workers in charge of the international relations to the sport organizations