Supporting National Team

2007 2009    

Promoting the National Paralympic Athlete's Team
  • To develop sports competitiveness through systematic and professional training program
  • To provide sports opportunities for national paralympic athletes by supporting them to participate in international sports events
Developing Sport Competitiveness
  • To ensure national paralympic athletes the best training condition by providing professional supporting team
  • To develop and support not only the national athletes but also substitute and new athletes
The 27th National Paralympic Games
  • To support and promote regional sports associations to ensure well-balanced development among cities and provinces
  • To provide sport opportunities for more people with disabilities especially for those who live in rural areas
  • To attract public interest towards Paralympic Games and to support advocacy of rights for persons with disabilities
  • To encourage paralympic athletes to achieve sporting excellence

Objective of the Games

  • Improving the sports competitiveness through regular participation
  • Discovering rookies through the Games and growing their adaptation to the society
  • Fostering the social harmony by hosting the Games in different cities every year
  • Increasing the public awareness

Official Sports

Athletics, Swimming, Football-5-a-side, Wheelchair Basketball, Sitting Volleyball, Table Tennis, Cycling, Powerlifting, Archery,Shooting, Wheelchair Fencing, Lawn Bowls, Boccia, Goalball, Badminton, Wheelchair Tennis, Ten-pin Bowling


The 4th National Winter Paralympic Games
  • To promote winter paralympic sports
  • To attract public attention towards winter Paralympic sports
Supporting International Sports Events
  • To support national athletes to participate in international sports events sanctioned by IPC or APC
Promoting Member Federations
  • To provide financial support with member federations to encourage them to promote and develop paralympic athletes
Training Paralympic Professionals
  • To contribute to the promotion and development of sports competitiveness
  • To provide the best conditions for paralympic athletes by training experts such as classifiers, referees, and paralympic leaders